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GLEB is a self-operated platform developed for cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia. It is owned by Global Easy Buy Bangladesh Trading LTD(Shenzhen Honghui Industry Co.,Ltd). The company was established back in 2018. When the company was established, it mainly focused on B2B business. The company headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China, and the sales and customer service departments are located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The GLEB APP was launched in 2021, bringing China’s latest e-commerce model to Bangladesh. The GLEB e-commerce platform adopts an online sales model integrating APP video live shopping, social group grouping, and entertainment content marketing. “Selected brands + deep discounts + limited-time snap-up” model, online sales of clothing, shoes, bags, beauty, mother and baby, home and other daily lifestyle products. We have a professional purchasing team of more than 50 people in China, selecting high-quality brands and differentiated products. Through years of continuous market exploration, GLEB has accumulated rich experience in product export, which can meet the needs of wholesale and end users at the same time. It has developed a set of APPs consisting of e-commerce + live broadcast + short video, which redefines new e-commerce and new For retail, the system has linked upstream and downstream partners, including mainstream marketing platforms, payment companies, COD systems, etc.

How we started?

We started form a casual trip in Bangladesh Back to 2018.

Our mission:

To Provide Reliable Supplying Service and Inspire People to explore quality products.

Core Values (3Gs)

  • Guest First, Business Second
  • Guarantee and Gain Trust
  • Grow Business Together

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